The Best 2024 College Football Playoff Hats: Michigan, Texas, Washington and Alabama

on December 25, 2023

The Best 2024 College Football Playoff Hats: Top 4

Michigan, Texas, Washington and Alabama Hats

Wearing your team’s college hats shows your team pride and a sense of belonging. Sporting a hat with your favorite teams logo serves as a visible expression of your pride in your academic community. Your college team goes head-to-head in the Big Ten, SEC, Big XII or the ACC in sports competitions, and wearing one of the top hats featuring your team’s logo is the perfect way to display your support.

However, this is not the end of the story.

Your college team hat is more than just another piece of clothing; it's a tangible reminder of your college days going to games, tailgating, sitting the in stands and cheering for your team. When you think back on your college days, it will evoke memories of the experiences and challenges you faced during your academic journey.

Your team’s hat in your school’s college’s logo becomes an item to reminisce about the good times on campus, from friendships and romances to study sessions in the library. Being back on campus, at the games and part of the crowd cheering your team will be forever part of you identity. Perhaps, in the time, you will pass your connection to Alabama, Michigan, Texas or Washington on to your child and share those cherished moments you experienced.

Now, it's time to identify which ones many your college hats that fans consider the best!

The Best Selling College Football Playoff Hats for 2024

Below, we've compiled some of the best college team hat for the best schools in the NCAA College Football Playoffs.

Michigan Wolverines Hat, '47 MLB Men's Men's Brand Clean Up Cap (One-Size)

The Michigan Hat '47 MLB Men's Brand Clean-Up Hat is a type of Michigan hat that falls under the "Clean Up" line produced by the '47 brand. It’s 100% cotton, unstructured and adjustable.

‘47 brand is a sportswear brand renowned for crafting hats, T-shirts, and various accessories, predominantly centered around Major League Baseball (MLB) teams in the United States.

The name "Clean Up" implies a straightforward, minimalist design. Indeed, the Michigan hat boasts a simple and classic aesthetic, perfect for a casual and versatile appearance. It complements various situations, whether for an outing with friends, spending time on campus, or notably, demonstrating unwavering support for one's team.

It is made of quality cotton material, suitable for long-term durability.

The Michigan hat is available in a variety of colors of blue, yellow and white to suit individual tastes. Additionally, apart from the primary hat color, the visor and other details may feature additional color variations.

Texas Longhorns '47 MVP Burnt Orange Adjustable Hat

The Texas Longhorns hat is an ideal selection for individuals who are fans of the University of Texas at Austin and are passionate about its sports teams. Hook’em Horns!

This Texas hat proudly showcases the team's distinctive Longhorn logo—a bull—and is adorned in the signature burnt orange color, synonymous with the Texas Longhorns.

The "MVP" designation implies that the Longhorns hat is crafted to accommodate diverse head sizes and a Most Valuable Player hat, thanks to its hook-and-loop closure. It's an ideal selection for expressing a sense of belonging.

Washington Huskies Hat: NCAA Zephyr Men's Scholarship Relaxed Hat

Washington Huskies Hat

This Huskies hat is one of the most beloved for its clean, pleasing-to-the-eye design, and notably for its comfort. Unlike the other college hats featured in this article, the Washington hat is designed and made by Zephyr.

This brand is notably renowned for crafting sports hats and apparel, specifically focusing on items associated with college teams and collegiate sporting events. Zephyr hats are widely embraced by millions worldwide.
The label "Relaxed Hat" implies a design tailored for a more laid-back, unstructured, 100% cotton and comfortable fit.

Equipped with a buckle closure, this Washington Huskies hat offers effortless adjustment for any head size without complications. The Washington hat encompasses all the features to potentially become your favorite.


Alabama Crimson Tide Hat: A Red Unstructured Mesh Relaxed Fit Flagship 47 Trucker Hat


The Alabama Crimson Tide hat stands as the quintessential accessory for University of Alabama fans. Renowned for its robust sports legacy of 18 national football titles, the Crimson Tide faithful boasts a rich athletic tradition. This Bama hat is a top seller, catering perfectly to ardent fans, both women and men, who passionately support the Crimson Tide.

This best selling Bama Hat showcases an Alabama "A" in the front, with its crimson red color symbolizing the hue of the river that courses through the UA campus. The best-selling Alabama hat is free of rigid stiffeners, giving it a softer, more relaxed appearance.

The "relaxed" fit suggests that the Crimson Tide hat is designed to fit comfortably without feeling overly tight. This Alabama hat is perfect for game day activities such as football, baseball, basketball, golf, lacrosse, or for wearing around campus. Its adjustable feature ensures it can accommodate any size comfortably.

Your Choice of Best Selling 2024 College Football Playoff  Hat Awaits.

Select YOUR team Hat that resonate with you. Each showcased hat embodies quality and allegiance to your favorite team.